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Credit Card payments are collected by TrekkSoft AG acting as an authorized agent of  Egypt Tour Packages Subsequently, TrekkSoft AG will appear as TREKKSOFT*TOUR BOOKING on your credit card statement. TrekkSoft is an online booking solution company for day tour companies ( A.G. of Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland ("TrekkSoft")The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TrekkSoft AG. All payments are due upon receipt. If payment is not received or the payment method is declined or charged back then the buyer forfeits the ownership of any items purchased If no payment is received or if a chargeback is made by the buyer after the tour date then our third-party TrekkSoft has the right to dispute it.


Egypt Tour Packages is committed to developing quality touring experiences for our clients, working to personalize each experience to individual budgets and interests and ensuring that each of our clients is treated to quality service and an unforgettable experience while in Egypt on one of our tours. Additionally, we aim to build a sense of trust with our clients, which we hope will encourage them to return again and again to use our services and you can find that from Our Clients Reviews. An important part of this relationship is our commitment to operate our tours honestly and reliably from the beginning of the booking and planning process through the completion of the tour and beyond.
We value your trust and are honored that you might choose us to help make your vacation a memorable one. As a result, we make it a high priority to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information that you provide us. Please read the policy below to learn about our privacy practices. By using this website and our planning resources you are accepting the privacy practices described below.

Information We Collect From You:
A. All credit/debit card details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented, or leased to any third parties.

B. We don't Use Advertisements or allow them on our website, We don't use specific cookies to save your information or online activities as most websites do for further studies about user interest.

How we protect your information:
Our goal is for you to feel confident using this website and the travel arrangements offered here and we are committed to protecting the information we collect in order to engender such confidence. While no website is completely secure, we have implemented the best measures available to us in order to protect the sensitive information that you provide us with administrative, electronic, and physical security measures. Only those employees that are managing your account will have access to your personal information and only when they are performing business functions where this information is necessary. We have employed MacAfee Security software to encrypt your information while transmitting your personal information within our system and to other necessary users of that information. This software also employs firewalls and intrusion detection systems to prevent any breakdowns in the security of this site or access to your information by unauthorized persons.

Online Payment Policy:

Credit Card payments are collected by Trekksoft acting as an authorized agent of Egypt Tour Packages.Trekkosft is an online booking solution company for day tour companies

 1- Why to book with Egypt Tour Packages?
Here are many reasons to book your Tour and Travel Services with Egypt Tour Packages. We have been in the business of operating High-Quality tours in Egypt and pride ourselves on using this experience to create consistently high-quality, personalized tour experiences. Our network extends all over Egypt, You can have a look at our Tripadvisor Page.

 2. Is there a discount for booking my tour far in advance?
Egypt Tour Packages is happy to offer an “Early Bird” discount for clients who pay the full cost of their tour in advance, we can provide you with a Discount code, you can pay a deposit for your tour, and the outstanding amount you can pay on the day of the tour. If full payment for your tour is received six months before the date of your arrival "With Extra 3% bank fees", we will gladly reduce the quoted cost of your trip by 5%. “Early Bird” rates require full, non-refundable pre-payment. Discounted tours will not be eligible for date changes or refunds.

 3. Is there a special rate for private groups booking with Egypt Tour Packages? 

- Yes, Egypt Tour Packages do provide a discount for private trips booked with large groups and Families and For groups of ten or more people, there will be a discount dependent upon the nature and length of the trip. For groups of fifteen or more people, highly competitive prices will be applied. 

 4. How can I contact Egypt Tour Packages to book a tour?

-Egypt Tour Packages Company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive your booking inquiries via email, telephone, or live online chat. You can also submit a booking request form describing the trip you want to take, its length, and any other details you can provide and you will receive a reply promptly with a proposal from our representatives-Service-free number, email, and a link to our chat service can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

 5. How much will I have to pay as a deposit? How will I pay for it?

The deposit required will be 25% of the total price of the tour, except during peak travel times around Christmas and New Year, when the deposit will be 50% of the total price. You can pay the deposit using a credit card (Visa and Mastercard are accepted) or a bank order directly to Egypt Tour packages  Our representatives will be willing to provide any additional information or support you need to complete this payment.

 6. Is there any surcharge on transactions completed using a debit or credit card?

Egypt Tour Packages  company does not charge any additional fees or surcharges on any debit or credit card transactions during the tour downpayment Process. We accept Visa and Mastercard. when you pay the balance in Egypt by using Creditcard bank machines. we will add a 3% bank commission above the amount, and if you would like to avoid the bank fees, you can pay your remaining balance in cash in USD/GBP/Euro or in EGP based on the exchange rate of the day.

If payment of the deposit in one transaction is not possible, please contact to inquire about the possibility of making the payment in installments.

 7. If I am forced to cancel my trip with Egypt Tour packages, will I receive a refund?

Egypt Tour Packages  Company's refund policy is detailed in our Terms and Conditions. The amount refunded depends on how far in advance we are notified about the cancellation.

- If you have booked a Shore Excursion from a cruise ship with Egypt Tour Packages and weather conditions or circumstances otherwise outside of your control prevent the ship from coming into port then a full refund will be granted for whatever amount you have paid in advance, except for excursions with domestic flights, as in this case, you will be charged based on the airline cancellation policy and refunded the remaining amount.