The Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea is a salt lake located in the Judean desert of southern Israel, bordered by Jordan to the East

The Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead sea and the barren,arid hills around it form one of the Jordan`s most austere and dramatic natural features,extending north-south for around 80 k.m and up to 18 k.m wide The Dead Sea (actually a large lake) comprises part of the great Rift valley which extends from Turkey all the way  through into East Africa here canbe found the lowest Point on the earth w(more than 400 M below sea level) and the body of the water with the highest salt content in the world. to the Romans it was known as  the lacus Asphalitis,(sea of Asphalt) ,while the muslims writers referred to it as Albahr lut-( Sea of Lots) or Bahar Sodom( the sea of Sodoms)  in reference to the biblical stories associated with it. It was the crusaders named it the Dead sea. 

For most of visitors to the Dead sea,the main attraction is taking that obeligatory dip in it`s  water to experience the bizzare sensation of floadting on the Surface, The various resorts near the northen end of the Dead sea are the best  place to do it this and,being less than one hour`s drive from Amman , make for a convenient day trip from the Capital.Each offer accomodation and range of health treatment  associated with the waters and mud of the dead sea. Or you can use their beach( and more importantly their showers)

Enjoy the sunset as the sun dips under the Mountains of the holy land over a cold drink. The sunset can be seen all the way from north to south along the “Great Rift Valley”. Some of the best areas to watch the sunset would be on the shores of the Dead Sea and at the Dead Sea Panorama complex.


Tips for getting the best of Dead Sea

It sounds odd to need tips to get in a lake but trust me, in Dead Sea you can do with some a little advice or else end up in a lot of pain that could ruin the experience for you. The water in the Dead Sea is nearly 10 times saltier than the normal ocean water. That’s pretty potent! Many people have written articles about how they actually didn’t like the experience at all.


1. The first thing is DO NOT SHAVE. This will make the experience incredibly painful. Do not shave 5 days before getting in the water. If you have shaved, do not stay in more than a couple of minutes and lather up with oil before getting in to protect those pores. Men should be getting their face wet anyways, but definitely don’t get in with razor burn!

2. Do not stay in for more than 10 minutes. You can get out and then go back in again but each time should be no longer than 10 minutes.

3. Do not get in if you have any open cuts or sores. You’ll really understand the saying “putting salt in the wound” if you do. It will seriously hurt and is not highly recommended.

4. That famous mud: Do NOT dive down and try to get it yourself! You shouldn’t be getting your face wet. The mud is made available at the beaches in little containers that you can put on easily.

5. Do not get the water in your eyes. In fact, some people have had to call lifeguards because with the water forcing you to float and the salt making you close your eyes, people do panic as it gets really difficult to get out of the water. It seems silly, but actually can be a dangerous situation! Of course you won’t drown since you can’t sink in the salt water, still it can be scary.

6. You need to rinse off as soon as you get out unless you are there trying to heal some skin problems and are told to keep the salt on.

7. I think you’ll find that it’s a ‘one time thing’ and once you start floating, taking some pictures, and had some laughs; you won’t feel the need to get in again. The best views are from above so make sure you walk around and look at the Dead Sea from different angles.

8. You are really lucky to be here! Scientists say that in 50 years it might be gone completely. The water in this lake comes from the Jordan River which people use for drinking purpose. It’s been getting significantly smaller each year.

9. The mud can help you look young and fresh! It seems gloopy and gross but this mud is something that the rich and famous pay a lot to have put on them. It’s best to let it dry in the sun and really let it work its magic.

10. Lastly, this mud DOES stain. Like the salty water, the mud is also extreme. It’s best to wear a black swim suit as this mud is quite dark. You can rinse it after but there will be residue on your swimwear if you get the mud on it.

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