4 Day Tour Cairo and Fayoum from Alexandria

Have Only got 4 Day tour to spend in Egypt and working out how to make 4 Day itinerary from Alexandria? We Can help you to arrange 4 Day Egypt Tour Package and a Private guided Tour to Visit Egypt Highlights in Cairo and Fayoum from Alexandria

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Have Only got 4 Days to spend in Egypt and working out how to make 4 Days Egypt itinerary from Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, has many reasons to be famous. Alexandria ? We Can help you to arrange 4 Days Egypt Tour Package and a Private guided Tour to Visit Egypt Highlights in Cairo and Fayoum from Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, has many reasons to be famous. Alexandria

Day 1- Giza Pyramids and Museum from Alexandria

Egypt tour packages representative will meet and transfer you from your hotel in Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, has many reasons to be famous. Alexandria by private air-conditioned vehicle to enjoy a great excursion to The Pyramids of Giza ( Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus. )Then proceed to visit the Great the Great Sphinx is one of the world's largest monuments. It is also one of the most recognizable relics of the ancient Egyptians. Sphinx  and visit the Valley Temple.

Lunch will be served during the Pyramids at the local restaurant in Giza.

Then visit the Egyptian Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Tahir

It exhibits a rare collection of over 250,000 genuine artefacts that date as far back as 5000 years, including an exclusive exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamen - A collection of treasures, gold, and jewellery that were buried in his tomb for over 3,500 years before they were discovered in 1920 when his tomb was excavated.

If you wish to visit the mummy's royal hall, where you will have the feeling of strolling down the Used as a burial chamber for nearly 500 years, the Valley of the Kings was used for royal burials for the Kings,their families, and their possessions. Valley of the Kings where most of these mummies were originally resting then ask your tour guide to take you to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. It will cost 50 $ Extra per person.

The New Grand Museum is not officially open yet. It will be opened officially by the end of  2023. but if you wish to visit it we offer limited tours to test site readiness and the visitor experience ahead of the official opening. Access is currently limited to the Grand Hall, commercial area, and exterior gardens. All other interior paces, including access to the galleries and collections, are restricted until the official opening.

Optional trip to the sound and the light show at Giza Pyramids and it costs 40 $ Per person

With the Sound Light Show at the Giza pyramids, the pharaonic history is being re-told by the sphinx, unravelling the ancient secrets and mysterious tales. The Sound and Light show at the pyramids narrates the history of those great kings; Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.

Overnight in the Hotel in Cairo  

Meals: Lunch

Day 2-Cairo-Fayoum

At 07:00 Am pick up from Cairo airport transferred by air-conditioned Car to El Fayoum Oasis in the Western Desert Desert Trip to Wadi El Hitan

From: Cairo, Egypt.
To: Tunis Village, Youssef Al Seddik, Egypt.
Driving distance: 122 km.
Duration: 1 hour 55 mins.

Start your adventure by Toyota land cruiser 4x4  to  Wadi Al Hitan Wadi-Al-Hitan Egypt 360
From: Tunis village in Fayoum, Egypt.
To: Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley), Egypt.
Driving distance: 69.2 km.
Duration: 1 hour 37 mins

Wadi Al Hitan Wadi-Al-Hitan Egypt 360  is a Protected area and a Natural Heritage Site added in 2005 by UNESCO as a world heritage site, WADI EL-HITAN is also known to scientists in the Zeuglodon Valley, It was discovered in 1936, it is located 35 KM west of the Wadi El-Ryan, right deep into the desert western desert, is It is an area of fossils; considered as an open museum, dates back to 45 million years and contains petrified primitive whales skeletons, shark teeth, shells and roots of Mangroves preserved in soft rocks. Everywhere you go you find petrified sea shells and corals, Visit the  Fossil & Climate Change Museum Wadi Al Hitan.

The museum hosts a variety of whale fossils, and skeletons that are displayed outdoors, as for the museum it has a variety of fossils, skeletons, fossilized mangroves, and ancient seashells exhibited indoors in glass boxes

At 12:00 Enjoy your lunch
Drive to The Magic lake and Gebel Al-Mudawara

The Magic Lake:

One of the most beautiful lakes in Egypt, overlooking sand dunes, is the Magic Lake. Around the lake gives you the chance to witness one of the most eye-catching sunsets you will ever see.

The Magic Lake is a beautiful lake located in Wadi El Rayan in Fayoum. It was named the Magic Lake as it changes its colours several times a day depending on the time of year and the amount of sunlight it receives.

It is an amazingly beautiful place surrounded by desert. People spend their time hiking & sandboarding beside Magic Lake or even swimming in the lake itself.

The lake contains minerals that are said to help treat patients with rheumatism.
It’s simply a magical place for a magical trip.

Gebel Al Mudawara

Seven Kilometres south of the waterfall, Along the left-eastern side of the road, Is a picturesque Area known as  Al Mudawara, The Lookout, There are three  Mountain along the lakeshore, and it is  a favourite Picnic Area

Wadi El Rayan

Wadi El Rayan is a depression 42 Meters below sea level and covers 673 km. In 1966 this depression became a water reservoir when it was connected with Qarun Lake by an underground Pipe

Tea time by sunset

Overnight at the Hotel in Tunis.

Day 3- Fayoum- Cairo

Enjoy Egyptian Breakfast, followed by a visit to Hawara Pyramid at 09:00

The Pyramid of Hawara ( Arsinoiton Polis) was built by King Amunemhat III during the twelfth Dynasty the Pyramid, its casing removed in Roman times, looks like a heap of rubble, but the site was one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Egypt.

The Mortuary temple was the labyrinth that so mazed the Greek traveller ( Herodotus) I visited this Place and found it to surpass the descriptions( He said the Labyrinth was believed to have been hewn from one single rock and Contained over 3000 rooms, It was also mentioned by almost every ancient traveller Strabo, Diodorus

Here at Hawara 146, Fayoum portraits were found in the Cemetery North of the Pyramids( You Can see a few of them at Kom Aushim Museum and in Cairo Museum)

At 11:30 We will visit. the Museum of Kom Aushim and Karanis 
Kom  Aushim  Museum is a Good Place to pick guides to all parts of Fayoum. The museum was originally erected in 1974. It exhibits artefacts dating from the Prehistoric to Roman Periods it Also Exhibits Fayoum Portrait.
( The Lord`s Town) is one of the Largest Greco-Roman Cities in the Fayoum. Founded in the Third Century B.C. and Originally inhabited by the Mercenaries of Ptolemy the Second`s Army. The City has two temples.

Drive to Cairo.

Enjoy the Felucca. Admire the highlights of Cairo from the water and learn about the history of Egypt

Experience the incredible colours of the sunset from the water. Along the way, learn interesting facts about the history of Cairo. Enjoy a relaxing experience of a felucca ride in the River Nile, where you can discover the amazing sunset and the warm sun during the day.

After an incredible day, enjoy Cairo by night and visit the most famous old market, Khan el-Khalili, located in Cairo, Egypt, is a well-known bazaar . It was originally established during the Mamluk era as a trading hub. Khan El Khalili . This beautiful 14th-century market still retains traces of its former glory. Walk through the old lanes of the bazaar where you can browse for antiques or handicrafts from the shops

Overnight in Cairo.

Day 4- Cairo to Alexandria

 After this amazing trip, drive back safely to Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, has many reasons to be famous. Alexandria . If you wish to extend your stay in Cairo, please contact us.


  • Pick-up and drop off services from/to your hotel
  • 2-nights accommodation in Cairo including breakfast & all taxes 
  • 1-night accommodation in Fayoum
  • Lunch during the tours
  • All sightseeing tours included
  • Entrance fees to all sites as mentioned in the program
  • The prices are per person and in us dollars  
  • English-speaking guide
  • All service charges and taxes 
  • Any other optional tours if required. 


  • International flights to Egypt
  • Entrance fees inside any of the pyramids 
  • Any other optional tours if required. 
  • Tipping

Please remember to bring:

  • Passport valid 6 months at least
  •  Sunglasses
  • Sun cream

And remember to bring for the excursion in Fayoum:

  • Several t-shirts (cotton or preferably breathable/fast drying)
  • Trainers 
  • lip salve
  • Hat/Baseball cap
  • Personal First Aid kit (wet wipes, flu remedies, stomach remedies)
  • swimming suits 
  • Torch
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Cream
  • Tissue


4 Day Tour Cairo and Fayoum from Alexandria

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