Nubian Village

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Ziad khalifa

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  • 02 Apr, 2024

Nubian Village

The Nubian village in Aswan is an experience that no one should miss since it allows you to enjoy, have fun, and learn about Nubian culture, traditions, food, clothing, and lifestyle. To get to the Nubian community from Aswan, take a motorboat from the little harbor to Sehel Island, where he will locate this picturesque community on the west bank of the Nile. The experience of taking a motorboat or felucca ride in Aswan is quite peaceful and allows you to enjoy the Nile and its cooling fresh breaths of air. 

The Nubian Village

Stepping inside a Nubian House will reveal nothing but decent, friendly, and welcoming people. They are the Nubians, famous for their dark skin and their distinct Nubian language, which is distinct and should not be confused with Arabic.


The ancient Nubians were well known for their archery skills, and as this skill is the skill of using a bow to shoot arrows, the ancient Egyptians called their land "Ta-Seti" which means "land of the bow“. These archery skills were the key component of the military strength of Nubian rulers. It was common for warriors to be buried alongside there archery equipment. Historically, Nubians were known by another name which was Kush, and there was the kingdom of Nubia, located along the Nile in southern Egypt and northern Sudan, a kingdom famously known for its rich deposits of gold.

Village Nubian

Nubian villages and homes are very small and quiet. It's not common to have a crocodile as a pet, but don't worry, these pet crocodiles are kept in cages. Both live and preserved crocodile bodies are hung and greatly admired in Nubian homes. The Nubian people love crocodiles because they believe they will protect them and their homes from bad luck. You could also find chickens and goats, which are more common animals.

Nubian Culture

Nubian culture is still strong in Egypt, even though Lower Nubia's land is gone. We have tried to keep their culture alive. You can now see and take part in Nubian village tours and cultural experiences. Here are some important things about Nubian culture :

-Architecture: Nubian constructions are characterized by humility, with mostly adobe houses, often featuring domes or vaulted roofs covered in lime or plaster. Their exterior walls are colorful and ornately decorated, often with ceramic objects.

-Music and dance: Nubian music and dance are another important expression of their culture.

-Clothing: Nubian style is known for its fancy clothing, such as women's long colorful tunics with embroidery, worn for shows and special events. They also have their own style with jewelry like necklaces, earrings, or pendants, and popular henna tattoos. Nubian women often put on these tattoos in Aswan, and it's a cool way to connect with Nubian people.

Nubian island

A trip to a Nubian village is the perfect way to experience the culture of this unique people. You’ll have the chance to stroll through the colorful streets and admire the distinctive architecture of their adobe houses adorned with beautiful drawings.

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